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"She walks up to my table and asks 'whatíll it be', 'Pigs in a blanket with scrambled eggs sure sounds good to me', Down at Girlie Pancake House theyíre open for all night, I know a little waitress there who makes me feel all right, That girlís been on my mind since the moment that I met her, Down at Girlie Pancake House mmm they're stacked better!...Ē - from Daddy's rockin' tune Girlie Pancake House 
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"Hey there mister barkeep rye whiskey would be good, Keep that bottle handy, keep 'em coming if you would, Thought that I was over her, but I misunderstood, Hey there mister barkeep rye whiskey would be good..." - from Daddy's train song -  Noon Train

"My baby calls me daddy, calls me daddy all the time, You know my baby's lovin', make me feel so fine, No, I ain't no rich man, but I do what I can ..., To keep my baby happy, try to be a good man..." - from Daddy's slow sexy blues tune -  My Baby Calls Me Daddy 

"Her daddy taught her how to stand her ground, her mama taught her how to fight, She works real hard everyday, she loves to dance at night..." - from Daddy's song about Oklahoma girls -  Red Dirt in Her Blood Hear this song at 

" I was rockiní, the band was cookiní, The crowd was going wild, Young girls dancing in front of the stage, Flashing me those smiles, I started into my lead break, I was making that guitar scream, And then ^v^v^v^v^v^v, Ruined my whole thing, Damn! 9 volt battíry, Messed up my guitar, Damn! 9 volt battíry, I was gonna be a star..."  - from  Daddy's new song  Damn! 9 Volt Battery

"The teacher took one good whiff of my drink, then she had to call my dad, he said 'No more ginbatonics, this also goes for whiskey and beers, you canít drink ginbatonics, for at least another 14 years'" - from Daddy's childhood recollection - The Ginbatonic Song

"The road meets the sky at the top of the hill, you can't beat the way a cool ride makes you feel, there's a place for you baby inside, daddy's new ride... Come on baby let's go..." - from Daddy's rockin' tune Daddy's New Ride

"You can buy yourself some new clothes, sunglasses and a hat. The blues is gonna find you, don't you worry about that..." - from Daddy's  The Blues is Gonna Find You

"I'm down at the depot, I'm just biding my time, I'm waiting for the girl who, just left someone else behind..." - from Daddy's blues tune Down at the Depot

"This old truck's a little fussy but she never lets me down,  One door's painted primer gray the other primer brown..." - from Daddy's kinda country-ish tune This Old Truck 

"I know when you leave this time, you won't come back no more, please bring me another Corona, before you walk out my door" - from Daddy's tear jerker - Another Corona

"I was just a country boy when I first set eyes on you, You told me that you liked my smile, I said I liked yours, too. I think about the first time I held your hand, You were in a tie-dyed dress dancing to the band. Hey, hey hippie chick, you're all right with me..." - from Daddy's diddy Hippie Chick

"I donít know the reason, For your sleepiní around, By the time someone told me, It was all over town, You pawned my guitar, Now woman that hurts..." - from Daddy's blues song She Pawned My Guitar

"We ride to the mountains, ride to the lakes, We go someplace every day, Sometimes on the way to work, We'd go a hundred miles outta the way, Big red motorcycle, Always ready to roll, Take me some place where Iíve never been, Calm down my restless soul" - from Daddy's rocker Big Red Motorcycle
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"I always think about you. Youíre always on my mind, Oh babe how could you leave me behind. You know youíre always smiling in the picture on my wall, In love I thought Iíd slip, but never fall" - from Daddy's lament Neverfall

"He said I could do anything and be anything I chose, Some will tell you thatís not true, pay no mind to those. Donít be afraid to have a dream but dreaminí wonít make it true, A dream can tell you which path to take but the walkinís up to you. A pocket knife with a broken blade, fishiní lures of every kind ... never knew just what Iíd find in Grampaís tackle box" - from Daddy's ballad Grampaís Tackle Box
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"Iím in love with Wonder Woman and Iím not sure what it means, Sheís got a smile thatís twice as nice as any Iíve ever seen, I see her on the TV or in the magazine, She always looks so pretty, always looks so clean..." - from Daddy's song Iím in Love With Wonder Woman Hear this song at

"Everything Iíve done this week was like swimming up the stream, If I hear one more problem I think Iím gonna scream, I got all the static I could take by Monday afternoon, Now I believe that five oíclock can never come too soon, I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go, down a single lane dirt road..." - from Daddy's rocker  Single Lane Dirt Road

"I thought my time was over, To fall in love and be, Missing a woman, Who is back home missing me. And itís raining in the mountains, They tell me that a flood is on itís way..." - from Daddy's love song Raining in the Mountains

"From an unforgiving farm town to a city that just doesn't care, She could always be a waitress just about anywhere, Then no one could run her life, sheíd be finally free, And pouring some old man coffee when she'd run into me. She was an Oklahoma farmgirl living in a big city world... "  - from Daddy's song Oklahoma Farmgirl

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