Richard “Daddy” Love - Bio

Richard “Daddy” Love is a local singer/songwriter. An advocate for local music, Daddy Love produces and performs in Singer / Songwriter Showcases designed to be an outlet for local songwriters to perform their original songs at Borders Books & other Norman venues. Daddy Love performed original songs each Friday morning for the passengers of the Heartland Flyer and others at Norman’s Historic Santa Fe Depot for over a year and a half in the recent past. A little further back in time, Richard produced and hosted an open mic show and has recorded and produced demo CD’s for local songwriters. Daddy Love’s CD “Live from Norman” was recorded live at these open mic shows.

Daddy Love calls his musical style Rural Acoustic Folk Rhythm & Blues. Daddy's songs use a down home style of writing & take a look at Oklahoma life with a wry sense of humor. His guitar work includes an aggressive acoustic style, solo blues style incorporating a bass / rhythm part and lead licks and his rock-n-roll roots are never far away.  Whether they're about the blues, train depots, beat-up pickup trucks, lost loves or fishin' with grampa, Daddy's songs come from the heart and stick to the roof of your mouth! "I'm down at the depot, I'm just biding my time, I'm waiting for the girl who, just left someone else behind..." - from Daddy's blues tune Down at the Depot.

 Richard also created and maintains a website devoted to promoting Norman’s local music called lists local music events, bands and artists that play here and displays pictures of local performances. In service for ten years has become a local institution for those interested in live music.

Oh yeah, the “day job” - for the last twenty three years, Richard has operated a small business called PC Help Enterprises that provides support for businesses and individuals using computers. Services range from webpage services, training and troubleshooting to installation & updating of equipment, software & networks. 

Richard has lived in Norman over 38 years, graduated from Norman High and the University of Oklahoma and is a member of the Norman Business Association.

Richard Love