Tall Tales
"I read it in a magazine it's gotta be true, a UFO landed in New Mexico
The old man & the campers were abducted and released
3 years had gone by, suddenly returned
returning were the bastards who left me back at home
Spit it all out, Spit it all out!"
UFO - Tall Tales

  The  Players:    Danny Fallis - Vocals      Rob Reid - Guitars
                                   Mitch Newlin - Bass        Alan Hiserodt - Drums

  The Music:   All original music. Parted-hair hardcore.

"We have been writing, recording, and performing music together for 15+ years, with over 150 songs written in that time. The object of each song is to paint a mental picture of some sort of story, absurd-silly-serious whatever. One media writer said we were a little bit Beatles, a little bit Monty Python. Each time we write a song, the object is to write something completely different from anything we have written before. When playing live we wanted to rock people out of their seats, make them laugh, and leave them with a "what the fuck was that?" feeling. Never take yourself too seriously!"

email: info@talltales.info

website: www.talltales.info