Sugar Free Allstars
"I've been around the block today
More than one time I have to say
Seems like no matter what I do
I'm always wearing out my shoes"
Exercise the Demon  -  Chris Wiser - Sugar Free Allstars

The  Players:

Chris Wiser - Hammond B-3, Vocals, Saxophone
Rob (Dr Rock) Martin - Drums 

The Music:
 Sugar Free Allstars is a upbeat organ duo that performs original material that crosses and fuses many different styles of music such as funk, blues, gospel, straight up rock and pop. Soulful Hammond B-3 and laid-back drums gives the SFA their own unique sound that ALWAYS grooves!  

"Imagine that Deep Purple and Sly & the Family Stone had a love child that grew up in New Orleans listening to Ray Charles and Black Sabbath. That love child would have to be the Sugar Free Allstars!"

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