Spooter and the Whistlers
"I went downtown to the railway station but you're gone, I guess I'll have to keep holding on, it's looking like maybe I'm not that strong"
Railway Station - Nick Work

The  Players:
  Zach Waibel - Bass Guitar
Samee Shirazi - Drums
Adam Rittenberry - Harp/Mandolin/Vocals
Nick Work - Guitar/vocals

The Music:
  High volume Blues/Rock with a mix of original material and blues standards as well as lengthy instrumental improvisations.

"Spooter and the Whistlers is all about playing the blues, having a good time, rocking out, playing shows and keeping the blues alive for future generations. We hope to prove that even young college students can play the blues with the tenacity and passion of seasoned veterans."

email: nicholas.a.work-1@ou.edu        phone: (405) 760-7725