Proprietors of the Earth
"In this world the mellow one with calm cool words not cold chrome guns"
 Celestial Three - Proprietors of the Earth 

The  Players:
  Kris Dorrough (Skin Beater)
Geoffrey Burch (Keys, Vocals)
Clement Silvers (Bass, FX, and soundsystem)
Fred Bidwell (Guitar, computer)

The Music:
   The Proprietors of the Earth create a sound much larger than their size as a band. Merging cutting edge technology, improvisation, and rock, the Proprietors of the Earth incorporate live looping, audience participation, fire dancing, and more. While you may go many places, including dub, jazz, electronic, and metal, you will never forget you are at a rock show.
we have an entire show captured in video here, with more to come
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