Phoenix Rain

 "The vipers come out at night 
  trying to change me with their evil bite 
  into something only they understand 
  and it's really scary to take a stand"

Illusions -  Erin Rain & Jennifer McConnell 

The  Players:
  Erin Rain: Vocals
 Jennifer McConnell: Guitar 

The Music:
  Phoenix Rain sheds a new light on rock.
Our philosophy is "It's all about the music!" 

"Phoenix Rain took flight in the summer of 2003 when Erin Rain and Jennifer McConnell and some of Oklahoma's top musicians got together to bring life to the songs Erin and Jennifer had been creating for more than 10 years. The writing duo has played in several bands together and is constantly writing and perfecting their art. Phoenix Rain has a catalog of close to 50 original songs "

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Phone: 405-620-3654