Blues Extravaganza
"This here's the story bout my first bride, ain't nothin alive she ain't fried 
once I looked on my plate "Lord I cried" Hey Hey honey has this thing died?
She said look here boy don't you start your pickin'
All that shit there "tastes like chicken © "
  Tastes Like Chicken© - Lonny Pearson 

The  Players:
  Lonny Pearson - Guitar/ Harp/ Vocals
Michah Pearson - Harp/vocals
Michelle Black - Vocals
Harvey King - Bass
Ron Harmon - Piano/Organ/Vocals
"Slammin" Dan Riley - Drums

The Music:
  Hot Oklahoma Blues from the Heart of Tornado Alley...Powerful, Steamy and Soulful
Innovative originals. Extraordinary guitar work, Powerful Vocals, Michah Pearson is 16yo "Blues Harp" prodigy who is starting to gain statewide and national attention. 
It's called "Blues That Makes Ya Sweat"

"The audience should enjoy every minute of the show. We are musicians who take our craft seriously but above all - We are showmen and entertainers!"

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Phone: 405-573-6988