Michael Bendure
“Let me see your puzzle piece
And I will show you mine
Put them all together and we’ll see what we can find.”
From the song 'Puzzle' - Michael Bendure

Photo by Andrea Mendoza-Williams..  

The Music:
Norman singer/songwriter Michael Bendure’s fusion of honest lyrics and passionate guitar work results in what he calls “original acoustic soul-dump folk rock … with a smidge of nostalgia thrown into the mix.” Since his emergence on the Norman music scene three years ago, Michael has gradually worked his way into the city’s underground singer/songwriter scene, performing with some of Norman’s veteran musicians.

His soulful songwriting and solo performances have been compared to Jack Johnson, John Denver and Joni Mitchell. His first solo album, “One Millionth Thing,” is due at the end of spring.

Michael uses songwriting to seek out personal truths about social issues, family, and life experiences. His music speaks to the questioning nature of all of us.

“I think we'd all live much happier and fruitful lives if we stopped accepting things at face value and started asking questions,” he said. “So many people want their lives defined for them with black and white drawn lines. I think if we were to embrace the gray areas instead of running from them, we just might discover who we really are.”

Online at www.acousticguy.com or www.myspace.com/michaelbendure

Cell: (405) 370-9613