Kendric Bailey
"The alcohol went to my head, I fell of the wagon and into bed, bottle of tequila couldnít hide, the pain and loneliness I felt inside."
Kristin in her í64 - Kendric Bailey 

The  Player:
Kendric Bailey Ė singer, strummer, foot stomper

The Music:
  Originals: I wanted to write songs about social injustice and the plight of the working class. However, Iím better at writing sad songs about girls. Itís a little bit Hank, a little bit Clash, and a little Woody Guthrie. I like the term Cow-punk. 

Covers are few a far between, but upon request: Hank Williams, Mike Ness/ Social D, Billy Bragg, Woody Guthrie, the Pogues, and George Jones. 

"Broken hearted music for broken hearted people. "

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