Jesse Cahn

"It's not the way you look that's keeping us apart.
It's just she counts on me to take care of her heart.
And as lovely as you are tonight, I just can't let her down
I just can't let her down, lady come lately...."
 Lady Come Lately - Jesse Cahn 

The  Players:
Jesse - Solo to Six Piece. VOCALS, Guitar,
Harmonica, Bass, Drums & Lap Steel

The Music:
Roots, Blues & Originals (Acoustic & Electric) Ameri-Cahn-a

"The Songs, the Music and the Spirit in the room are what keeps me coming back - the common ground where we transcend both our suffering and our joy.
It is the thing the Spanish Gypsys call Duende......"

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phone: 405-277-3985 / cell 641-7020