Decibel Industry
"I want to have the need to believe in something.
I want to have the need to belong.
I want to speak my mind and have it come out alright.
But the words always come out wrong"
 Something That Happens - Decibel Industry 

The  Players:
Geoff plays guitar and sings
Justin plays bass
Scott plays guitar as well
Marcus plays drums

The Music:
 Decibel Industry is an all original melancholy rock band hailing from the weird world that is OKC. The scene is just beginning to realize our message of frustration and redemption and it's only getting bigger. If New Order, The Cure, The Pixies, Morrissey, and Radiohead got in a drunken bar fight it might not sound at all like Decibel Industry. We just manufacture sounds. 

"Airplane hangers. Low emission outputs. High speed modems. Proper attire. Moving up the ladder. Styrofoam packing. Cheerful anchorpersons. Humanitarian aid. Stock options. Mild back pain. Acid reflux. Feeling out of place? Save your complaints in a fireproof box. We are Decibel Industry and we hope you see the bright side."



Phone: 405-255-5511  Mail: 305 Chautauqua / Norman OK 73069