Dead at Twenty-two
"When you breath it sounds so good,
as you grip through my skin.
Come tomorrow I'll be scratched and I'll be bruised,
with battle scars of dangerous beds, and what to do with our hands."
Got you by the Throat - Dead at Twenty-two

The  Players:
  Jeremy Dabbs - Guitar
Jake Barrow - Vocals
Justin Barrow - Bass
Rory Rice-Drums

The Music:
  -Dead at Twenty- two Writes all original music. Some people even tell us that it is hard to classify our sound. We just call it rock'n roll. The sound is similar to artists like The Used, Senses Fail, Hopesfall, Shai Hulud, and the Ataris. Not much else can be said about our's something that you will just have to experience live.

"Music is something for everyone...Something that frees your mind and takes you away from the day to day crap that you have to go through in life...without the music, there would be billions of depressed souls in this world. Dead at Twenty-two may not appeal to everyone, but to those that we do appeal to...We hope that something about our music or our live show inspires each member  of this band has been inspired to do what we are trying to do now. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!!"


phone: 405-760-2512