The Candyguns
"Burning up the weekend dating women half your age,
but the way they stroke your ego when they pose like Betty Page."
Head Full of Saturday - us

The  Players:
  Marlon - bass
Bert - guitar
Jerry - vocals, drums

The Music:
  The Candyguns are a 3 piece Power-Pop band w/ mostly original music & emphasis on the 'power'. Jerry says, "We're kind of like Morrisey takes Cheap Trick out to dinner & Elvis Costello, XTC, & Robyn Hitchcock are the waiters." Gene Triplett says, "...a mightly little trio of age 30 something guys who work Ward Cleaver jobs by day and save the world from musical mediocrity by night." Not bad, huh?

"The Candyguns are all about fun & rock & roll. We're not trying to save the whales, stop apartheid, or lower the price of toilet paper. Our songs are sometimes pointed commentary on life, culture, ourselves, or individuals imaginary or otherwise but we believe that the primary purpose of music is to provide a release or escape from the stress & routine of everyday life. Our shows are high energy, loud, & above all fun! Come watch us sweat sometime!"